County of Shelby State of Missouri
Recorder of Deeds

Audrey Buzzard, Recorder

Office Hours 8-12 & 1-4 Monday Thru Friday

Shelby County

Marriage License Information

You must come together to apply
Photo ID, SSN
Previous Marriage information (Month & Year it Ended)
No Waiting Period
Takes about 30 Minutes
Licenses are good for 30 days from Issue date
Marriage Licenses are $46
Certified Copies of Marriage Licenses $9
Check or cash only

Document Recording

We follow the Missouri State Standards
$24 for the first page $3 for each additional page as long as in standard format
See for more information

Copies of Documents

You must prepay for copies to be emailed or mailed, we accept check or money order**
The cost is $1 per document up to 5 pages (for larger documents, see note below)
Send a check or money order to the above address with your email
If you want the documents mailed back you must send a postage paid return envelope 

** For a document larger than 5 pages, the cost is $1 for each additional 5 pages.

Veteran Service Records, Surveys & Other

Contact Office at number 573-633-2821.

Online Records Search

*1992 to Present Land records index
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1835 to 2001 Land records/Marriage records index

* Documents are current to close of last business day.

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Recorder of Deeds

100 East Main, PO Box 188,
Shelbyville, MO 63469
Contact Office at number 573-633-2821.